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Frequently we have available dogs adopted by a waiting family before he/ she ever gets posted to the website We highly encourage everyone to please fill out an application.

SOS: ZIGGY In Urgent Need Of Foster or Adopter

Urgently need foster or adopter within next 2 weeks for Ziggy, a special needs Vizsla in jeopardy of being euthanized!!! He is a 3 Year old GORGEOUS Neutered Male, sweetheart who loves children, other dogs, Velcro boy (no cats please) is diagnosed with epilepsy and his young family just cannot cope. Ziggy went for 2 years without seizures on prescribed meds but seizures started after meds cut down (without vet input) and now needs STABLE, CARING home with love to guide him through a neurological exam and stabilized meds so he can live a full and happy life.

We are trying to help this guy all we can with funds and medical guidance but we need YOU to step forward and be a team with us to save Ziggy’s life!!! Call Christine Oliver, Rescue Coordinator, SB Vizsla Lovers Rescue, 805 680 6524,

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