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Holly is a beautiful sugar faced purebred Vizsla who has enjoyed a loved life with one family for 10 years. Due to a health tragedy, Holly’s family has had to return to Hungary. A kind friend has been caring for Holly but she works long days and poor Holly is in a dirt backyard alone 24/7 without the companionship, fun or exercise she desperately needs. Holly is a people dog: she has a sweet nature and is welcoming to everyone including children. She loves to play but also needs lots of Velcro cuddling, and of course her beauty naps, being a senior lady. She used to go to dog parks with her owner so she should do fine with other gentle dogs in the home or she would also be happy as a single dog with her people. She pulls on leash so she is not walked currently but a front hooking harness should fix that; she sometimes jumps excited to greet people but she’s very well behaved so just needs gentle “off” commands. Holly had past surgery on her ears so she cannot fly in a plane and she prefers not to have her ears rubbed (we are having her ears checked). She is in good health and up to date with shots; vet records will be provided.

WE URGENTLY NEED AN IMMEDIATE ADOPTOR OR FOSTER-TO-ADOPT HOME FOR SWEET HOLLY SO SHE HAS THE LOVE, PEACE, AND FUN SHE DESERVES FOR HER GOLDEN YEARS. Contact Santa Barbara Vizsla Lovers Rescue Coordinator Christine at or 805-680-6524. Holly is currently in Woodland Hills, Southern CA.

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Super cute, petite, young Vizsla Darcy is a sweet, smart and independent girl who has angel wings on her chest and snowflakes on her little feet (possibly a mix with a smaller breed or just out of standard).  Darcy is wonderful!  She will run for miles and create her own track! She loves chasing after birds, squirrels… any fast moving object, just a great activity partner.  She loves playing tag, tug-of-war, and frisbee. She could be brave enough to be a biking partner and is already a great running team mate.  Darcy has the potential to be what Vizsla’s do best….that magical combination of lover and athlete.  Darcy’s sad past: in her original home, on 2 acres roaming free, untrained and neglected for her first 1.5 years, she developed a habit of eating things she shouldn't, clinically called “pica” (eating inappropriate items).  Ultimately, she swallowed a lamb plushy toy causing a bad blockage requiring emergency surgery. Darcy’s wonderful veterinarian insisted on taking ownership and her kind vet assistant is her current foster. Though the pica has improved since her surgery, Darcy will need patient new owners who will be around to supervise and monitor Darcy, making sure she continues to improve and positive reinforcement training for the condition would be best (SBVLR can recommend). Many positive things about Darcy:  spayed, vaccinated (Rabies/DA2PP/Bordetella/Leptospirosis), on flea/tick and heartworm preventative and has current health records from her vet/savior. Darcy is crate trained, sleeps well overnight, appears to be housebroken. She seems to do well with other dogs (positive friendships with a German Shepard and Papillon) and possibly could be good with older children.  In foster care she has never been aggressive and has a sweet temperament.  Darcy would thrive with an owner who is active, home most of the time, patient with a BIG heart.   Experience with the exercise needs of a Vizsla is mandatory, and commitment/experience with special needs dogs is super helpful.  Santa Barbara Vizsla Lovers Rescue thinks Darcy is very special and is offering a helping hand of a kind veterinarian and foster Jennifer to find just the right loving home so young Darcy can improve and shine.  Please fill out an application at, call Rescue Coordinator Christine at 805-680-6524, email at or email foster Jennifer at  Darcy is currently in the Palmdale area of Southern CA.

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Update on Sampson: Thank you all so very much for your incredible kindness. Sampson has such abuse and misfortune in his life, but now he is relishing the compassion and good fortune in his life. He is settling in with his special needs foster and, after two weeks of evaluation, is working with his positive reinforcement trainer on getting along with his fellow canines. He has already made one special Vizsla friend as you can see. One area of marked improvement is human relations. With fear and aggression in his past, here he seems to know he can trust these gentle people. He particularly enjoys his prescribed hot towel massages with gentle all over touch which relaxes and builds trust. He will soon go for his complete medical checkup. Sampson is arguably one of the saddest cases we have helped but with your continued support, he has his best chance to trust again and achieve a real home. We are shy of our goal for his special medical care and training program but we have faith in his Valentine's. Thank YOU with LOVE!



Shao has been well cared for by his family since the age of 1 but they have both lost their jobs due to the COVID crisis and with a toddler at home in a small apartment, and twins on the way, they feel Shao deserves more attention and playtime than they can offer in these trying times. Shao is small, 35 lb., fully house trained, healthy (up to date shots and microchipped), and energetic. His owners describe him as “half human” loving to cuddle and lounge at home next to his owner’s feet. He is always super happy and ready to go for a walk. 


Shao is very smart and knows lots of fun tricks: sit, lay, stay, wait, dance, yoga, and bang-bang; he can hold a treat on his nose then catch on the count of 3! He is good with children approx. 4 and older but would also make a great companion for a single person or couple and he’s used to smaller quarters if he gets walks and companionship; he is ok being left alone for 4 – 5 hrs. per day. In the first puppy year before he was adopted, he was abused by large dogs and he remains anxious when approached by large, pushy dogs, or groups of dogs though he enjoys some trusted dog friends. He has never bitten a person or a dog, but he is uncomfortable when charged or sniffed so his owners wisely muzzle trained him with special treats only when he goes to dog parks. At dog parks, Shao actually prefers cuddling and playing with all the people but he plays with dog friends too. Daycare would make him too anxious so he would need an in-home sitter or trusted friend to care for him during times his owner is on vacation. Shao will not do well in the commotion of a shelter with many dogs so please, please can you offer Shao a home for his active, positive years ahead rather than a bad end he doesn’t deserve.


Requesting a $200 rehoming fee (negotiable) which includes a $100 donation to Vizsla Rescue. Call Ani at 310-308-3055,

"Kids and Dogs"
By Pat Miller, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA