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Wonderful Wendy from Shelter Castoff to Cuddler…can you love this deserving 7 yr old girl forever? Remember Windy, coldly ditched at a shelter after a life of providing gorgeous puppies? You all generously chipped in for her spaying and the removal of a mammary tumor proving once again that SBVLR supporters have THE BEST AND BIGGEST HEARTS!!! Meet the new WENDY…healed and slimmed down who has turned into just the sweetest chill girl ever. According to her foster mom Mary, Wendy is the perfect combination of energetic and relaxed. She loves her off leash hikes but when it’s time for the leash she walks very calmly and gently. Your typical VELCRO VIZSLA, Wendy wants to spend her days next to her humans, just hanging out to get all the love she can. She sleeps well on her bed, her human’s bed, or does fine in a crate if needed. She is not stressed by visits to the vet or strangers visiting the home and she does fine as an only dog or with most other dogs (there are five in her foster home). She needed a bit of help with house training but has made huge progress with patience, routine, and praise. Wendy enjoys her humans home a lot, who understand her Velcro personality, who exercise her and have a patient routine….and love her so much she forgets her sad past. Will you open your heart and your door to sweet Wendy as she so deserves a wonderful fur-ever home? Please call or email Rescue Coordinator Christine,, 805 680 6524 and fill out our app at



My name is JUNIPER 

This beautiful, handsome, playful 1 and 1/2 yr. male purebred Vizsla is described by his mom as “super sweet, gentle, happy and friendly; eager to learn and obey.” Juniper has been raised with another male littermate and will be rehomed with SBVLR’s help because the siblings are jealous of mom’s attention and periodically fight (though they also play and sleep together). Juniper’s owner reports he has had successful playdates with neighbor dogs and has done well with relatives/pets coming for get togethers but really prefers to be with his person. Earlier she taught him some tricks and thinks he would be good with agility training. Juniper doesn’t get out of his backyard for walks and training much anymore as both dogs are too strong for the owner’s current health so our wonderful board member Betsy has been working weekly with Juniper on walks and car rides. He is a strong boy who has been shy of sudden noises and even the first car ride, but with a front hook harness, he is a quick learner and responsive to gentle new commands. Juniper has been evaluated by our skilled specialist Jennifer Joyce, Dynamite Doggies (see attached). Juniper needs to be a valued member in his new home: loving, gentle, patient, and fit person(s), preferably a single, couple possibly with an older child. Single dog home please, peaceful yet fun with a big fenced yard, owners able to make financial and time commitment necessary for exercise and continued positive reinforcement training so Juniper can thrive. Funds also needed for current shots and neutering prior to placement (from adopters or donors). Must review attached evaluation prior to applying. Contact Christine Oliver, Rescue Coordinator, 805-680-6524, with questions. 

The following is a testimonial from our board member Betsy who has been evaluating sweet Juniper weekly:

It has really been my pleasure to spend so much time evaluating Juniper. I have come to fall in love with him… he is so fun to be around and is such a beautiful boy! He’s cute, curious, joyful and super friendly to the folks we have met on our weekly excursions! He gives great hugs and lots of kisses and just loves being out and about and seeing the world! He so enjoys going on walks and while excited to start, he really listens once he gets going. He knows quite a few commands and is very eager to please … especially for a bacon treat! He also adores the beach, the birds and running in the sand with me. I have spent a lot of time with many rescues and this one has really grabbed a hold of my heart! I think whoever is lucky enough to become Juniper’s new person/people will be extremely lucky! He’s been just such a joy to spend time with! If I didn’t have three pups already I would apply for him in a heartbeat! He’s such a great buddy!

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NEW HOME URGENTLY NEEDED FOR 2 YR OLD GUNNER.  Have you heard The Story of Ferdinand? If so, you have an idea of who Gunner is. Gunner does not enjoy too much commotion, preferring instead to sit under a cork tree smelling the flowers :) He is a lover with the biggest heart he is now looking for his forever home.  Gunner is a 2 year Vizsla in perfect health, maybe a bit heavy right now, unable to receive the regular exercise he received in the past.  Due to an unfortunate change in his family, Gunner is now experiencing city living and having neighbors, lots of dogs just a few feet away which he does not enjoy; he loves musing while sitting in the window but high traffic of passing people and dogs make Gunner anxious. He was also attacked by a Husky on the beach which has made him fearful of large, fast moving dogs, and sometimes even taking a walk in congestion.  His best moments have been out hiking, camping in the mountains or early morning runs on the beach with very few other dogs and people.  Gunner lives up to the Vizsla reputation of being “Velcro.” He wants to sit, eat and sleep next to you, preferably with some sort of body contact. He has grown up in a loving home and remains companion to another younger Vizsla, but now we believe Gunner would be best as a single dog  or with one other adult/older dog; no cats or small animals, please.  So are you looking for a loving companion that can sleep next to you, go run with you and explore the outback, Gunner is your guy. He would probably also appreciate a  big yard with space to explore and snoop as well and of course a patient loving human or two to help Gunner become his best self.  


Note from SBVLR:  Please read the attached evaluation by Academy for Dog Trainers, Jennifer Joyce, before applying for Gunner.  Jennifer will offer an initial consult and materials to Gunner’s new owners.  Willingness to continue positive reinforcement only training with Gunner will be given preference.  Please contact owner Krister at (819-699-9955), or rescue coordinator Christine, (805-680-6524).


Holly V.jpeg



Sweet 10 yr old Vizsla Holly, who lived the last four years of her life outside 24/7 was surrendered just 3 weeks ago to Santa Barbara Vizsla Lovers Rescue. Now with her loving foster, she enjoys warmth by the fire, 3 good meals a day (to put some weight on), runs her new green yard, even visits the barn to see her new horse friend Rush.


Many of you have sent good wishes to Holly and offered her foster care or adoption. While updating her health care, unexpectedly a tumor has been discovered on Holly’s spleen. Without immediate surgery, she is in danger of sudden painful death. We scrambled to find quick, competent surgery (wait lists are so long). Wonderful foster Pam and SBVLR have miraculously been able to arrange for a skilled surgeon to remove Holly’s tumor/spleen Monday, December 13 before she has a tragic end she does not deserve. The surgeon expects the procedure to be routine, recovery swift, biopsy results come after we save Holly’s life. Holly came originally from a loving home but suffered being outside and alone much of the time this past year plus her chronic ear condition was painful without timely treatment. Through it all she retained her youthful and sweet pe