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About Adoption/Foster

If you are looking to adopt or have a Vizsla along the Central Coast area that needs to be relinquished please contact us so we can help. We accept applications and carefully review them to find Vperfect homes and foster homes for our VsIn-Need. An adoption application is available by contacting us or by submitting the adoption form available in the Adoption link. 


Our Vizsla's are matched on a “best fit” versus a “first come/first served basis".  if feasible, one of our experienced volunteers will carry out an in-home assessment of the dog. Mixed rescues are supported through other rescue organizations.  If we know of a mixed rescue and you are interested, we will be happy to share that information with you.


The transfer of the dog to its new owners will be arranged and conducted by representatives of the SBVLG Rescue group. Any contact between the new home and the dog’s original owners will be at the discretion of the new owners. In cases where the immediate welfare of a dog is in question or the dog is deemed to be at risk, or where a more thorough assessment of the dog’s behaviour or health is needed, SBVLG Rescue group will arrange the placement of the dog into foster care.

Expenses are incurred on behalf of rescuing, fostering, and if any,  medical needs of each Vizsla are covered by our SBVLG – Rescue Fund. This fund is supported through donations from club members, friends and people who have placed or adopted Vizsla's through our service. And people like you who love these dogs as much as we do.


Please be aware that our Rescue Fee is $350.00 per dog. This fee helps us to cover transportation, basic Veterinary exam, worming, flea treatment, vaccinations, food and incidental expenses for all dogs. In many cases, Rescue Dogs come to us needing much more extensive Veterinary care--which can be quite costly


After submitting your application, we recommend that you contact us periodically to ensure your application remains current. It would also be appreciated if would you contact us with any new information (change of address, email server, etc) or if you have found a dog elsewhere and are no longer interested in adopting a rescue.



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